Saturday, May 14, 2016


        "Oh, my pyjamas!" exclaimed Soufflé the elephant.
    "Where could they be?"
        He had put them by the edge of the river when
    he had gone in to take his morning bath and now they
    were not there.They were a magenta (reddish-purple)
    colored pyjamas with white flowers on them.
    They were his favourite dress. Oh, how he loved them
    and how he wished he would never have to take them off!
    Troubled and bewildered, Soufflé looked behind every
    bush, behind every tree, turned over every rock and
    even flipped over Flibberty Gibbet the hippo (who was
    sun bathing for a tan) to see if he was sitting on them.
    But he could not find his pyjamas anywhere.
    On his way back he came across some otter - lamas who were
    marching to the river, chanting holy verses. Soufflé looked
    suspiciously at them. They were all wearing magenta colored

    "But there aren't any white flowers on them," he thought,

    "otherwise I might have thought that they had cut up my
    pyjamas to make their uniforms out of them."

    The puzzled lamas looked at the unhappy elephant and then

    continued on their way, still chanting.

    Poor Soufflé! Poor, little Soufflé, who was normally gay as

    the sunshine and light as cup-cake was now feeling miserable
    and heavy  hearted.